Building Your Team

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It’s not always going to be easy finding new recruits when building your team. As with any hiring process it’s going to take some time. But once you have your team in place, you’ll start to see your business really kick off. I know you want to think that you can do everything to get your business running, and well … Read More

Who Has Control?

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You control the business. Or so you would think.
Since the day your business started operating, do you still feel like you have the control button? As the owner, having control of your company will only go so far. Sure, you may have employees, interns or laborers whom you are over, but what about the people you work for? Your customers have a say in your success, and without them your business would cease to exist.

Scheduling Convenience

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A virtual internship program easily accommodates busy school-year students because of its innate flexibility. 

With onsite opportunities, students must make time for an internship during normal business hours; this can be a juggling act since classes often take place during the day as well. Not to mention, if a student must work a second job to make ends meet, balancing the three can be a losing battle.

 By contrast, virtual intern duties can be completed at the student’s convenience. Midnight, midday, or Saturday afternoon are all perfectly acceptable hours of operation.

Virtual Internships on InternPro Radio

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Last night, Michelle was a featured guest on InternPro Radio discussing the hot new topic of virtual internships.  Interns — Did you know you could be a virtual intern, interning from the comfort of your home or dorm room, on super projects for super companies and organizations? Employers — Did you know that, regardless of whether you are a one-person, … Read More