Breaking into the Gaming Industry with Virtual Internships

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While it makes billions each year with blockbusters like the Call of Duty games, the gaming industry is very difficult to break into. Internships can be your way in.

As with most careers these days, browsing a company’s job page often reveals the dreaded phrase: “X years of experience required.”

It’s the same old paradox: “I can’t get a job without experience, but I can’t get experience without a job!”

Sure, you’re set to graduate at the head of your class. You’ve made a bunch of custom levels for Counter Strike on your PC at home. None of that, however, means anything without any professional experience in the gaming industry.

How can you get that experience? Where do you turn? The answer is simple: internships.

Gaming internships help you get ahead

Much like the fashion or film industry, video game companies are utilizing interns. Companies are offering both paid and unpaid internships for entry-level and advanced work. Internships could be in data entry, quality control, testing, or even design and new product development. No matter what it is, interns have a valuable position in the expanding field of game development.

Anyone with any knowledge of the gaming industry has heard of Blizzard Entertainment. Their MMO juggernaut World of Warcraft has well over 10 million subscribers. They also happen to be one of the many video game companies offering internships!

President Mike Morhaime says of internships:

Finding the best person to fill any particular open position at Blizzard Entertainment is always a challenge. Through this (internship) program, we’ll be collaborating with certain schools to give students more opportunities to learn about the industry and to develop their skills. With luck, this will also give us the opportunity to identify talented new individuals to join our teams.

As a gaming intern, you’ll see how the company operates from the inside. You’ll meet developers and artists and pick up experience, skills, contacts, references, and industry lingo. All of this will make you stand out from all the other applicants when you apply for a job. Heck, you might even be offered a job after your internship. All those years of gaming will have paid off.

The best way to find an internship is to go to a gaming company’s website and browse their jobs page. Companies like Blizzard Entertainment, Bioware, and Electronic Arts all regularly update their jobs page. Blizzard even has an entire page dedicated to ‘University Relations.’

What are you waiting for? Get out there and apply!

By Mike Gilday.  

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