Take a Turn on YouTern.com

Super Julie BraunBusinesses

You may be surprised at how many intern recruitment/internship posting sites are out there.  We’ve counted well over 30, and new ones pop up everyday. 

From a consumer standpoint, it’s hard to know which sites are the best ones just by looking.  The reality is, you won’t know if a site is good or not until you spend the time and money to test it out.  Some sites are very expensive, while others are free or low-cost, but as is usually the case, you get what you pay for.

Over the past several months, the founders of YouTern.com, Mark Babbitt, CEO and Joe Gagliano, COO graciously opened their doors to Super Interns, allowing us to have our own first-hand experience with their site, so we could form our own, real, unbiased opinion of what YouTern.com had to offer.

At YouTern.com, we’ve found the quality of intern candidates, employers, and internship opportunities is substantially higher than other sites.  And when you compare that to the cost, YouTern.com definitely delivers tremendous value.

That’s because YouTern.com is a staunch intern advocate, promoting high-quality internships, amazing work experiences, and significant mentor relationships.  This draws a special kind of intern, one who is really intent on contributing to a business or organization.

On the other side of the equation, YouTern.com specifically focuses on dynamic start-ups, change-oriented non-profits, and passionate entrepreneurs.  These are employers who are value-driven and who aim to make their internships win-win experiences.

The result?

Successful intern placement and internship engagements are also higher through YouTern.com than many of the other sites we’ve sampled. 

In fact, many of the intern candidates that have come through YouTern.com have become Super Interns!

SUPER TIP! Many employers, as well as intern candidates, make the mistake of simply posting an internship or a résumé, sitting back, and waiting for people and opportunities to come their way.  With any intern recruitment/internship posting site, you need to actively work the site.  You need to search for interns and internships, reach out, and in fact, make several follow ups until you get a response.  Many people simply make one point of contact, by applying for an internship or contacting an intern candidate, and then never follow up if they don’t hear back.  They falsely assume the person isn’t interested or the internship is already filled.  This is often not the case!  The key is to follow up, follow up, follow up!

When looking for quality interns and internships, definitely put YouTern.com at the top of your list.  Lastly, make sure to subscribe to YouTern.com’s blog for daily posts packed with great information, helpful tips, and recommended resources.  It’s a treasure trove!

If you don’t have the time or resources to do your own intern recruitment, or if you want assistance in finding an internship, then let us help!  Visit our Virtual Internship Headquarters for more details!