Most Asked Interview Questions (How will you compensate for your lack of experience?)

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A guy never had working experience. Compensate For Lack Of Experience
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How do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience?

When the interviewer asks you a question like this one, it is a straight challenge question. If they didn’t think you were ready for the role, you wouldn’t have gotten a call into the interview. You need an answer with confidence, that does not acknowledge that the question is in any way accurate, even if it is. Tricky, I know! If you talk about what you will do to compensate, you give them reason to believe you are not right for the job.

So first off, if you have any experience that the interviewer does not know about, bring that up. Then point out that you are a hard working quick learner. Some possible answers could be “I am a clean slate, I do not have any bad habits to add to the organization. As you can see, I am also a quick learner [insert example from the past here].” Or “I am very passionate about what I do. Everything is new to me, so I am that much more excited to learn everything.” Remember to stay positive and upbeat! That always leaves a great impression. 

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