HR Professionals Don’t Like Interviews Either

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A women interviewing another person thinking that she does not like interviewing another person for today. Interviews

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Don’t interview for pleasure…

Interviews are probably the hardest part of looking for a job or searching for an employee. For most HR professionals this is the most nerve-wracking part of the scouting process! There’s nothing easy about interviewing a possible candidate and having to ask them both professional and personal questions and then deciding that person’s fate based on their answers. But sadly, it has to be done. As an HR professional this is your daily task, and as an employer, this is the rule of the day. You should always be sure that the person you’re interviewing is the closest thing you want for that position. Don’t waste your time on people that, by looking at their resumé, you know won’t fit in with what you want.

Interview for the company!

Think about what your company needs and what you are looking for in your next employee. Having those goals clear will actually help you in your search for the perfect addition to your team. If you’re not sure about hiring someone full-time for that position, have you considered an intern? The best part of having an intern that satisfies your expectations is that they will work hard towards your company’s goals while, at the same time, demonstrating they are worthy of a full-time position. By interviewing people thinking about the company first, you’re truly one step ahead of lifetime’s success for your company!

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