Most asked interview questions (Describe Your Management Style)

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Describe Your Management Style

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Describe your management style.

The way you answer this question is just as important as the answer itself. Your interviewer will be listening to how you describe yourself, as well as your idea of what it means to be a good leader. They may also check to see how well you will get along with them if they will be your supervisor. Clearly, this is a loaded question. Answer with caution!

Some ways you could respond could be: “I work to inspire and motivate teamwork for achieving goals and influence valuable changes. I am always open to new ideas coming from team members. I consult with them frequently and encourage and support independent thinking. I believe in establishing an open discussion for decision-making. I recognize the skills of key team members and utilize their strengths to the benefit of the team.”

Essentially, management comes down to two things: getting a task done and taking care of the people working on that task. Make sure your answer demonstrates the ways in which you complete a job and how you motivate others to help you!

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