Meet Ken Bodine: A Former Super Intern!

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Edited By Sandra Canchola

It’s a bird, it’s a planeno! It’s Our Super Intern, Ken Bodine!

Like all of our super interns, Ken Bodine has a unique story. Before stepping into his Super shoes, he was a successful man with over twenty years of experience in broadcasting. Surprisingly, though, he wasn’t happy. He knew he needed a change in his life and decided to start with an internship. And not just any internship, a virtual one that allowed him the flexibility to work around his schedule.

This is where we came into the scene. In just a few months, we not only helped him revamp and polish his existing skills, but we also taught him the different aspects of advertising. Helping him find his career niche, we placed him with Colure Media, which turned out to be a fabulous partnership. Colure Media couldn’t help but recognize how valuable his blend of skills was to the team and hired him as a Content Manager.

And here is our favorite part of the story: Ken is a resident of sunny California while Colure Media is stationed in the heart of New York City. Through the aid of’s virtual internship program, Ken was able to expand his amazing talents and virtually save the day!

To find out how you can get your very own Super Ken, visit us at!

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