Working remotely means less absenteeism.

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Working Remotely

One of the several perks of working from home is that it lowers absenteeism rates. What does this even mean? Your employee will be less likely to be absent from work if he’s permitted to work from home. Sometimes, they might confront situations where they can’t go into the office that day and decide to stay home. If your company has the ability to let your employee work from the commodity of their home, then you’re golden!

They’re probably more efficient.

Absenteeism often comes from employees feeling unsafe, troubled and distracted in their workplace. Working in a safe environment awakens confidence in an individual. The employee that feels confident and happy will be more efficient. If their workplace was their home, being absent from work would be less likely because the individual already feels safe, happy and comfortable. Hiring interns (or employees) that work from home guarantees you’ll erase this word from your vocabulary and surround yourself with people that will be available to you and your company. Hiring remote interns and employees also offers your company and yourself to select from a pool of people with amazing talents despite their location*. specializes in providing the right kind of people to work at your company.


Written By Ashley Ortiz

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