Annoying Coworker Habits

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Annoying Coworkers

I think that the better part of a working day is learning to deal with annoying habits. Some like to sigh loudly or slam their desk drawer every 10 minutes. But these are just the things we can’t harp on too much because life moves on and it’s not a big deal, right?

No way! However menial it may seem, there are some habits coworkers do that just flat out piss us off. And what’s worse is you can’t really use that in an argument: “I can’t stand her. She always cuts paper too loud!”

Truthfully, it doesn’t matter where you work, there is always at least one annoying thing that will set you off.

Top Annoying Coworker Habits

3) The Chew-and-Smack Eater. Seriously, stop eating peanut butter at your desk. It’s loud, it sounds gross, and now I don’t like you. You know who you are.

2) The “Sorter.” When your coworker who goes through all your printouts in their attempt to find their own. It’s bad when you anticipate going to the copy room knowing that your 300-page document will be thrown all over the counter, with the pages out of order, upside down, half torn, or missing.

1) The Fridge Burglar. When someone in the office is stealing others’ creamer, yogurts, and even lunches from the fridge. Often. To that, I say find a way to feed yourself! If you have enough money to pay your cell phone bill, you have enough to feed yourself. Or starve. I don’t care, just stay away from my leftover chicken pot pie.

If you don’t have the luxury of working virtually, just take a step back and know that we can always vent through a social media thread.

What are your all-time annoying coworker habits?

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