Most Asked Interview Questions (Are you willing to put the company’s interests ahead of your own?)

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Are you willing to put the interests of this company ahead of your own?

No, of course you’re not. If your employer’s interests lie in wanting you to illegally forge documents and steal ideas from a competing company, you are not going to risk going to prison for the sake of the company (we hope!). If the company asks you to break up with your significant other just because it wants you to work more overtime on the weekends, you are not going to do that either (again, we hope!). The sole purpose of this question is to see how you answer it.

It’s forcing you to think about your response and can make you say interesting, informative things about yourself. The company can learn more from the questions they know you are not going to answer honestly than they can from basic job interview answers that every candidate responds to in the same way. One way you can answer this is by saying “I don’t believe this question can be answered because it is in my interests to see the company succeed, so the interests of the company and my own interests are one in the same.”

This answer shows loyalty, while still implying that while your own interests are important to you, the interests of the company are also your interests. Remember that you are not legally bound by your answer, so you can simply tell the company you are willing to put the interests of the company ahead of your own and move on.

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