Do you consider yourself an approachable boss?

Super Julie BraunBusinesses

A mean looking women, questioning others, if she is not approachable or not. approachable

Sometimes it’s hard to get people to like you. When you’re the boss, people look up to you. They turn to you for advice and guidance. However, people might not want to turn to you if you aren’t approachable. I can guarantee you that you will get more work done, at a better turnout, if you follow this simple advice.

The best thing you can do is be approachable!

Be warm and friendly when you are dealing with your employees. As the boss lady (or the boss man), there are some expectations you have to uphold. A company, or a group of people, might be looking up to you and your opinions. If you are down to earth and caring, more people will want to come to you for help.

Be respectful!

Smiling at everyone and making everyone laugh doesn’t exactly mean you’re being approachable. What I mean by approachable is: making your employees feel they can come to you with any concerns and be sure you will be there to help them succeed. By making yourself interested in the life of your employee (getting to know what important things go on in their life), you’re showing them that you care. They will see you as an equal, not a superior. Being respected isn’t the same as being feared, so be sure that you’re not scaring your team! An approachable boss is one who’s respected, loved, and, above all, considered down-to-earth. Therefore, be sure you’re a very grounded person. Nobody likes an arrogant boss.

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