This is an Emergency!

Super Julie BraunBusinesses

A teacher controlling the situation as it is an emergency as he do. emergency

Life is an unexpected journey. There is no way you can predict the way life will treat you. When facing an unseen problem, the first reaction most people have is to panic. In today’s modern society, there will always be some kind of mishap that will cause panic and confusion. It’s best to know what to do in an emergency. Working in a virtual environment should be no exception.

When you work at a movie theater, like I do, you have to learn about what to do in the event of a fire. In the event of a fire, an employee will go into the theater and tell the patrons of the auditorium to calmly exit the building. One of the key points the General Manager told us was to convey the message as loudly and effectively as possible. Do not waste time with questions, or comments. The only important thing is to get the point across so people do not get hurt.

How should you treat an emergency in an office?

This is how you should treat any emergencies within a company. By emergency, I don’t just mean fires or earthquakes. I also mean events such as the website is down, or the email server is not working. When addressing this issue to the entire team, be assertive and effective. Do not wait to get ideas; step up and make the decision yourself. Get your point across as efficient and assertive as possible. Do not waste your breath trying to get as many opinions or questions as possible. Most of the time it’s about being assertive and making sure the point gets across.

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