Virtual Internships In the Gaming Industry

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Find an Internship in to break into the video game industry!

Are you looking to get into the video game industry, but you’re not sure where to start? The video game industry is gigantic, and there is no shortage of career opportunities out there. A perfect way of breaking into this competitive field is a virtual internship at!  By applying for one of our virtual internships, you will be one step closer to the video game career of your dreams.

Virtual Video Game Industry Careers

What do you want to do? There are limitless career paths in the gaming industry. And not all of them are technical! It’s true that many video game careers that deal with programming and engineering.  However, there are career choices that focus on different paths as well. Our virtual internships will strengthen your skills for your desired career choice in the gaming industry.

Are you interested in video game journalism, script writing, or marketing?  Our Content Writing virtual internships will sharpen your writing skills.  We also have a virtual internship in Web Design that will show you how to create the perfect website to market the next great game.  How about video game animation?  A virtual internship in Graphic Design will help you bring your amazing creations to life!

“Press Start” to Begin!

Virtual internships give you the chance to explore your career interests. You will walk away with industry experience and a stronger idea of what you want to do for a professional career. So, if you’re interested in video games and would like to have a job in the industry, then “press start” to apply for a virtual internship!

After completing your virtual internship, you will be closer to working on popular franchises in the video game industry.  Can you imagine writing a great sci-fi story for a video game like Halo or Destiny?  How about designing an engrossing battlefield like the ones found in the video game Call of Duty?  We can set you on the path of making those dreams come true!  So, act like Super Mario and hop onto a virtual internship with!