Stay Motivated During Second Semester

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Congrats! You’re officially in your second semester of senior year. But what happens now? Basically, staying motivated can be difficult considering how rapidly your future is approaching. Whether you’re finishing high school or college, we here at have you covered.

Make time for friends.

After the second semester dwindles down to graduation, it’s time to realize that it’s unlikely you’ll ever be with this group of people again. Ultimately, that can be a very scary thing. It’s important to prioritize your friends. Do something exciting!

In addition, weekend trips are always fun. Take a ride to the beach or perhaps to the city. Most importantly, enjoy your time with your friends. By the time you come back, you’ll be feeling fresh and motivated!

Do something exciting in your second semester!

Next year, you’ll be heading into a whole new world with plenty of new responsibilities. For now, focus on you. It’s time to shake up your world. For instance, pick up a new hobby! Who knows, maybe skating or painting is actually a talent of yours.

Take a risk. Go on an adventure. These things might not be a possibility in the approaching future! Furthermore, now is the time to do something unpredictable. Essentially, do something that thrills you solely for the sake of doing it.

Take a step back

Think about how the next few months will unfold. AP tests, goodbyes, prom, and graduation are all on the timeline. Consequently, how you prepare for and prioritize any of these things is your call. Figure out what means the most to you and know that you have plenty of things to look forward to.

In conclusion, you’re not alone. Senioritis affects nearly every second-semester senior. In fact, it’s important to not devote yourself entirely to the stresses of academics. Breaking out of the mold can help you stay motivated, though. You’ve got this!

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Written by: Olivia Ferrucci

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