Business Ethics: Past the Dollar

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Written by Olivia Ferrucci

In a world consumed by financial greed, there’s no doubt that large businesses tend to focus on money first. While some might deem this fact natural, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, consumers care about the morals and motivations of the brands they’re buying from. Luckily, improving your business ethics is simple!

Why do business ethics matter?

Firstly, every business has consumers. With a vast array of brands to choose from, it’s important that yours stands out for the right reasons. Showing your audience that you have both a good product and set of morals is just one way of doing so.

Beyond all of that, we’re people! Therefore, it’s our basic responsibility to improve the lives of others. Prioritizing profit doesn’t mean you have a great company. Make sure your audience and staff know you care through your business ethics.

Be socially responsible!

You need to be committed. No, this doesn’t just mean attending meetings and sending emails. Running a company means devoting yourself to the improvement of the world around you through your brand’s services and beyond.

Don’t let the power and influence of your business go to waste. Take initiative! Offer benefits to employees who volunteer at your favorite nonprofit. Utilize your website or social media to spread the word about fundraisers and charities that could use some help.

Moreover, give back. Donating funds to a few foundations can make a world of a difference in how your business ethics are perceived. Bonus points if these charities tie into your brand’s goals. For example, contribute to a soup kitchen if you run a restaurant chain. Unifying your mission and actions shows what kind of company you really are.

Furthermore, go green! Corporations take up far more energy than a mere household. Consequently, make recycling an office standard. Design fun employee contests to see who can conserve the most energy. Generally, integrating awareness and responsibility into your business ethics can inspire the public.

You don’t have to succumb to capitalistic standards detached from mere kindness. Get out there and start making a difference in your employees’ and consumers’ lives!

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