Learn to Delegate, Love Your Job

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learn to delegate

Written by Noelle Schrock

It can be exciting to start in a managerial position. Moreover, it is easy to forget that delegating in your new position is important. With new responsibilities comes the desire to prove yourself. However, don’t get too caught up in having control over everything. It is equally as important and impressive if you can show that you know how to let others take the wheel sometimes. ┬áIf you learn to delegate, you’ll love your job!


Delegating can help make your job easier. Your workload will be significantly lighter if you hand out some work to others on your team. More importantly, you’ll gain the trust of your subordinates and build their confidence.

Let’s say a boss is able to put faith into an employee by giving them an important task. That member of the team will feel validated and it will boost their yearning to do a good job on other projects! To read more about the importance of sharing responsibility as a team and the effectiveness of delegating check out this article.


If you feel like you’re wasting away at work, delegating can actually help you. Learn to love your job! Focus on the parts of your job that you enjoy doing and that you’re good at. Then delegate the work that you dislike or are not as good at doing successfully. By utilizing the strengths of your entire team, you can begin to have a more exciting and healthy job experience.


The Harvard Business Review wrote about learning to catch the “warning signs” of work hoarding. If you find yourself consistently working overtime it may be a sign that you need to be delegating more. If you are allowing yourself to give responsibilities to others on your team, you will have more time and be happier at your job!

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