Following Up on a New Generation of Virtual Interns

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Written by Noelle Schrock

Last March, we discussed the gritty details of Generation Z’s various strengths and demands here. As internships are ever evolving, interns of the new generation are, too!

Let’s Recap

In the original post, we explained that this new generation is vastly different from its predecessors. First of all, they prioritize interest over financial gain. Furthermore, Generation Z’s members also want to create their own businesses and be contacted for job openings themselves.

If you’re hiring young interns, you need to cater to the new generation’s interests. Make them feel important. Also, job listings should be easily accessible. Don’t be afraid to get your business’s information out there! Make sure you’re posting on multiple websites and forums.

The New Generation’s Desires

There’s no doubt that Generation Z has faced their fair share of tragedies. Between financial turmoil and an increase in terrorism, the downfalls of humanity have become quite clear. Due to this influence, 60% of Gen Zers want to change the world. In order to put their heart into a job, interns should feel as though they are making a difference.

According to Gen Z @ Work: How the Next Generation Is Transforming the Workplace, these youths thrive off of in-person communication and seek healthy competition. Because the recession has influenced the newest generation, they are financially smart and prepared to work.

Generation Z’s Talents

The Atlas Business Journal remarked that Gen Zers are skillful researchers and self-educators. Moreover, they are great with technology. A Sparks & Honey report stated that this generation spends 41% of their free time in front of screens. These individuals are driven and, therefore, live up to their own modern skill set.

In just the past year, Generation Z has risen. The new generation is not seeking to conform to the mold; rather, they want to break it.

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