Meet Nana, Our Outstanding Social Media Specialist!

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Written by Olivia Ferrucci

Here at, we love to showcase our most hardworking, innovative team members. This month’s featured teammate is Nana Darko, our outstanding social media specialist!

Recently, we talked to Nana about his education, inspirations, and how working with has helped him. Read on to learn more about our extraordinary Teammate of the Month!

Tell us about yourself!

“I’m a recent graduate from Bowling State University and I just found a job to keep me steady. In college, I studied digital arts and [received my] degree; I studied game design, and I made environments. I specialized mostly in texture art for those environments. In my free time, I play games and watch Netflix, but who doesn’t? [Laughs] I’m also a social media specialist at SuperInterns [for YouTube].”

How long have you been at this internship?

“I’ve been with for two months.”

What types of projects do you work on as a Social Media Specialist?

“I upload the videos the Video Mogul team gives me. I work on pairing [them] with social media platforms and make sure people interact in the comments. [I’m] also the driver of the live streams for Super Interns.”

What’s your superpower?

“Teleportation. I like the character Nightcrawler.”

What skills have you gained since you started your internship?

“I’d say I’ve learned engagement; learning SEO for videos has been a big thing as well.”

How has your work here made you more prepared for your career?

“It’s basically helping me understand how social media works. I just had an interview to be a social media director for another company and they asked me a lot of questions regarding engagement and [knowing how social media works] plays a really huge role.”

What is the most important thing that you have learned since you began working at

“Not to stress the small stuff!”

What has your favorite project been so far?

“Definitely running the live stream.”

If you’re interested in joining the SuperInterns team, you can apply here!

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