Asking Employees to Mentor Teammates

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mentor teammates

Written by Noelle Schrock

Whether you’re interning or have been with a business for over 15 years, the opportunity to mentor teammates and be mentored is priceless. Having a guide to turn to is essential to helping interns settle into their new job. Also, being mentored ensures interns will be more successful! But that’s not all a mentoring program can do for a company.


Both sides of a mentor/mentee relationship gain something out of the experience. The mentee learns how to efficiently and successfully work in their new job. In contrast, the mentor gets to exercise their leadership and management skills. The mentor also gets to learn new skills as they see and hear through a fresh pair of eyes and ears. This is especially true if the company is using the mentoring program with interns.


Interns are always a great asset to any company. They provide quality work for a company as they build their résumé and begin to enter the workforce. One of the best things an intern can receive while working for a company is mentorship.

Finding a mentor is one of the top things an intern should look for while working for any business. A mentor almost always ensures that an intern gets the most out of their internship. This is great for a company as they conduct exit interviews with their interns. Check out our website to learn about getting interns for your company!


Starting a mentoring program is not as hard as it seems. There are loads of benefits, like helping your new employees and interns get accustomed to the workplace faster and more efficiently. Those involved will also gain new insight from fresh eyes. Plus, mentoring programs are completely free! To learn more about how to start a mentoring program, check out this advice!

Go on! Give your employees the opportunity to mentor teammates and learn from each other!

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