Could a Team of Virtual Interns Help Your Business?

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team of interns

Written by Jaydah Jacobs

Let’s face it. There are many different functions of your company and sometimes getting a little help could make things a lot easier. While employees can be a good asset to the company, a team of interns could provide benefits you didn’t expect. Here are some reasons why you should consider having a team of interns.


When you have people who are working together to meet the same goal, magic happens. Their competitive and productive spirits ignite and accomplish tasks quicker. Now, imagine skilled interns working together as a team to accomplish the tasks of your company. Within the team, they’ll learn communication skills and if you decide to keep a few of them as your employees they’ll be prepared.


Even though interns do not always get paid for their work, they recognize that they will be compensated in other ways. Most likely the intern is simply looking to gain work experience to qualify for their dream job, academic credit, and good recommendations. Payment in a field they’ve never worked in isn’t always on the top of their list.

On the other hand, if your company is required to pay interns it probably won’t be the salary amount offered to your employees. If you’re on a budget, a team of interns is the perfect way to help build your company.


A great thing to consider if you’re worried about hiring interns is that they are the gateway to awesome employees in the future. A team of interns means you have a team of people that can be future employees of your company! Before you hire them you get to test their skills to see if they meet the requirements of your company. Also, even if they don’t initially have things altogether the internship will be a training process for them.

So basically you can increase your intern’s skills and help them become potential employees through your internship program. Employees that you hire after their internship with your company are more likely to continue working with the company.


There are many things that interns can do, but you want to make sure they’re doing more than fetching coffee or doing tasks no one wants to do. To truly maximize the experience of having interns allow them to take part in some of the things that an employee would do without over-working them. For instance, they can research for the company and brainstorm ideas for a campaign, program or whatever your industry entails. They can create company strategies, plan and coordinate events and so much more!

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