Will You Be Spring Cleaning Your Small Business?

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spring cleaning

February heat waves bring in March cleaning sprees! As the crazy weather sweeps our nation and the globe, it’s time to think about both purging your wardrobe and cleaning out your business! Whether you’re starting new programs, hiring interns, or simply just taking out the trash, spring cleaning madness can jump-start new opportunities for your business.


One of the most important aspects of spring cleaning is tidying up your online presence. Clean out your company’s social media. This includes readjusting the way your company posts on all forms of social media. Maybe your tweets weren’t punchy enough for the always critical Twitter lovers. Find a sharp, clean way to format future tweets.

Spring is also a great time to spruce up your website! Keep your style up-to-date and troubleshoot any technical issues you may have run into last year. If you don’t have one already, think about adding a relevant blog or other marketing content. Multiple sources, like OpenForum and National Funding, suggest that switching your filing cabinets to a cloud system is an easy and efficient way to clean up your files.


Spring cleaning is a great time to engage your staff with a reminder of what organizational habits have been working well. Reward your top performers and emphasize the techniques that have put them at the top.

While it’s great to acknowledge the good habits, it’s also an appropriate time to acknowledge the bad. If something as unfortunate as firing has to take place, spring cleaning is a good time to do it. It’s the optimal time to look at what areas of your staff just need redistributing and where there needs to be more delegation of responsibilities.


One of the most obvious ways to spring clean is to literally dust your office! Either hire a cleaning crew or delegate responsibilities to employees and finally dust those old filing cabinets or vacuum behind the printer! A clean office will lead to a more productive environment for your business.

Spring cleaning is in full swing. So get out there and tidy up your business! You might even think about hiring some new interns to help you out!

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