Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Virtual Interns

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We’ve talked about the benefit of interns in the past. They are great for time-saving and efficiency. Interns help save money and are the perfect way for you to groom future employees. However, if getting a physical intern to you is difficult — virtual interns might be for you.


One of the largest benefits a virtual intern can offer is that they can work from anywhere. Not only is the flexibility of location beneficial for the interns themselves, but it also benefits the company. Having interns from all around the country, maybe even the world, will give your company many interesting perspectives. Many virtual interns are looking for opportunities that they can’t find in their close geographical area. Therefore, they are more likely to be invested in the opportunity you’re offering them through your internship program.


These interns also tend to be more tech-savvy. Since they are operating completely online, they are more likely to understand technical issues and how to troubleshoot them. This also saves your company time if your interns are able to work competently with technology. With flexible hours, these technologically-sound interns will save your company not only money but also time.


William Belle, CEO of Colure Media, has worked with virtual interns from our SuperInterns program. In a video about the benefit of online interns he explains, “Before the SuperIntern-ship program, we were so busy wearing so many hats and putting out so many fires that we were losing the passion of what we love most.” With the help of virtual interns, you will be able to refocus your passion back to what you do best.

Do virtual interns sound like the right fit for you? Check out our informational page on how to get your own virtual interns.