The Cover Letter, Your Key to Switching Careers

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Changing careers is a stressful time for many reasons. One of which is trying to remember how to format a proper application. A cover letter is the company’s first impression of you. It outlines why you should receive the position and your key qualifications.

Oh, the Dreaded Cover Letter!

Sometimes it feels like there are so many things to worry about when you apply for a job. Just overall nerves can put you in a bind, but now you’ve got to create a cover letter too! Without it, you won’t even qualify for the job you’re applying for. Even though cover letters sound like a simple enough task, they shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Conquering Your Cover Letter Woes

First, always address the recipient by their name. A quick phone call or email can easily help you identify who it is you’re writing your cover letter to. Yes, it may take you another day to get a response, but you’ll definitely impress the recruiter by knowing their name, especially if it’s hard to find. If all else fails, you can write “Dear [insert company] recruiter.”

Next, include your background, education, experience, and skill level as mandatory components. Explain how many of your talents can benefit the company. Also, include what differentiates you from other applicants and what makes you the best applicant to hire. If it’s relevant, explain why changing careers may make you even more qualified.

Next, using proper grammar and spelling is a must when you write anything. Many cover letters that have typos and grammatical errors are often tossed aside. So don’t lose a job interview because you misspelled a word on your cover letter.

The last thing to remember is to leave reliable contact information and your availability. This is a no-brainer, but often applicants miss out on a job interview because of a recently changed phone number or are no longer using the email account they sent the application from.

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Originally Written By Morgan Shulski; Updated By Sandra Canchola