Sick? Caught Lying? How to Handle Tough Intern Situations

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Running a business is no easy task, even for more seasoned entrepreneurs. From supervising employees and interns to managing the business itself, things can get difficult. This is why, as a businessman or woman, you need to stay a few steps ahead-especially when dealing with new employees or interns. Keep reading and we’ll tell you how to prepare for tough situations that can happen with your interns.


Whether mild or severe, dealing with illnesses can put a damper on the growth of your company environment. However, things can become stickier if you feel like your intern is lying about being sick. For example, you may have noticed that the same intern calls in sick every few weeks. While there may be an underlying health issue going on, it’s still important to sit down and have “that” talk with them. Let your intern know that you’ve noticed they’ve been calling in sick a lot. You don’t want to accuse them, but definitely, remind them about your company policies. Also, let them know that if they have a serious medical issue they should let you know about it so you can help them.


So you finally talked to your intern about taking so many sick days. They convinced you that they’re perfectly fine now and won’t be taking any sick days anytime soon. A week later you get a call from the same intern who says they now have food poisoning when just last week they had the common cold. What do you do?

At that point, it would be best as an employer to look at the intern’s performance history. Does the intern usually display integrity and honesty? Also, are they even performing well in their internship? These are all things to consider when you have speculations about an intern or an employee lying. However, other tough situations, like when you actually catch them in a lie, can be a bit trickier.


So fast forward a few hours and you’re on your lunch break enjoying your food. To your surprise, you see the intern who just called in sick casually strolling passed you and they look as healthy as ever. Your best bet would be to make note of that and schedule a meeting with them as soon as they get back to work. By this time you would have already evaluated their work ethic, behavior, etc. and you’ll know the type of conversation that needs to happen. Your next step would be figuring out if this intern can uphold the values of your company.


After everything is settled and the intern is aware of what they’ve done wrong, it’s time for you to make a decision. Is this an intern worth keeping around or have they already been inching their way to having their internship terminated? Regardless of the decision, as an employer, you have to always make the best decision for the ethics of your company. Remember that whatever you allow your employees or interns to do will have an effect on the dynamic of the company environment. So be wise, and if you ever need any assistance in knowing if an intern is right for you, check out our blog.

Written By Noelle Schrock