So You’ve Just Graduated College. . . What’s Next?

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As a college senior, graduation is never far from my mind. I have a cap and gown to purchase, papers to finish, and friends to say goodbye to. However, the one thing that keeps popping up is the future. The question, “So what are you going to do now?” has begun to haunt me. We’ve spent four years learning, working, and making communities – now, it’s time to let that all go. You’ve graduated college; now what?


Once you’ve graduated college, it can be a refreshing to take a gap year. Entering the workforce right after college can be overwhelming. If you don’t know what you want to do or aren’t ready to begin your career yet, take a year to figure things out.

Gap years are amazing for being able to travel. Backpacking around Europe or just taking a road trip across the U.S. can be an amazing way to gain a new perspective. It also doesn’t hurt to add a cultured and exotic flair to your résumé.


For some college graduates, all they want is more school. Grad school is the next step. Whether you’re headed to law school, medical school, or looking to get a Masters in art or literature, grad school is for those who aren’t ready to stop learning. According to, grad school is more of an apprenticeship than school. This is the main difference from an undergrad experience.

Another amazing experience that is available with grad school is the opportunity to attend school out of the country. Grad school abroad is often cheaper for students in the U.S. wanting to go overseas. Germany is one of the top countries for American students to earn their Graduate degrees for little to no money. has an inclusive and extensive list of schools and other links to get you connected to a grad school abroad.


It’s most likely that the first job you get out of college won’t be your dream job. This is okay! It’s good to have reasonable expectations for what your first job will look like. Huffington Post published an excellent article this year that outlined some tips for students graduating college. One of the pieces of advice they offer is to take jobs that will contribute to your experience rather than to fulfill your dream job role.
It’s okay to be afraid after graduating college, but remember that you have options! If you think an internship might suit you, check out our website for more information!

Written By Noelle Schrock