Take Your Virtual Internship Etiquette to the Next Level with These Tips!

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Congrats, you have your internship! After months of job hunting and résumé refining, your hard work has paid off. Now it’s time to think about how to present yourself in your everyday internship life. Whether it’s just smiling at work or knowing what to say yes to, internship etiquette is key to a successful experience.


Smiling seems like a small thing, but it can help lift the mood in your office. Being an intern isn’t always glamorous, or even fun. However, keeping a positive attitude can increase not only your own effectiveness but the success of the entire office. Plus, your employers might note being a positive influence as a major advantage.


It can be tempting to use empty time in your internship to post on your personal social media, play games on your computer or phone, or browse Pinterest. However, consider taking your internship etiquette to the next level by using this time to do extra research on the company you’re working with, or by cleaning up around the office (if you’re in a physical office space). It seems simple and maybe obvious, but small details like using that extra time to be productive will reflect well on you.

Emails, or anything else you do online for your internship, are also key to increasing your etiquette and making a good impression on your employers. Answer emails as soon as possible, even if that means giving up an extra fifteen minutes before going to bed or watching your favorite show.


It may feel embarrassing to ask questionswhen you start a new internship. You want to feel like you have a handle on what you’re doing and you want to make a good impression on your new boss. However, it is better to ask too many questions rather than do something wrong and having to spend hours redoing it. It is also expected that you don’t know all the special subtleties of your new work environment. Ask questions so you can become acclimated to your environment quicker. It will show you care about the place and the people you are working with and for.

You’ve got your internship; you’ve got some basic etiquette, now go forth and show your employer that you’re willing to go above and beyond.

Written By Noelle Schrock