How to Use Social Media Virtual Interns

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Social media is everywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… and if there is a business that isn’t on some sort of platform, then it is at a serious disadvantage. It’s become an integral part of the marketing strategy.

But, suppose you aren’t all that tech-savvy. Or maybe you just don’t have the time to go from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to Instagram, over and over every day. Instead of stressing yourself out about it, get a social media intern to help you out. Here are some things you can do to make sure it’s a good experience for all.

Know what you want

No internship is going to go well without clear expectations. Be sure you know what you want your intern to do. Simply Measured has quite a few suggestions for things social media interns can do-product research, online campaign planning, or social media content calendars. Or they can create and manage social media accounts for your company.

Check their skills

After you know what you want your intern to do, you have to make sure they have the abilities to match. If they’re going to be writing, you’ll be looking for interns with strong grammar skills and lots of creativity. Interns scheduling content will need to be exceptionally organized.

Since most social media interns will probably be doing at least some public writing for you, choose someone with good communication skills. 60 Second Marketer suggests you take your candidates out to lunch to see how they handle themselves in public. He also recommends giving them real-world scenarios (“What would you do if… someone posted something negative about the company online?”) to see what solutions they come up with. If they seem like a good mouthpiece for your company, go for it.

Look for enthusiasm, not experience

Social media is still a relatively new phenomenon. Even experts in the field haven’t been in it long, and while there’s a big demand for social media interns, there aren’t always a lot of interns with experience. Instead of a long resumé, look for an intern who is excited and willing to learn. Enthusiastic employees tend to care more, are more engaged, will probably try harder, and will bring more to the table than an intern who is disengaged.

Social media interns can be a huge benefit to your company. They help spread the word about your business, and they support you as you work to keep your business running. To find the right virtual intern for you, click here. Or read more about social media by clicking here.

Written By Claire Coons