Can Virtual Interns Help Create Mentorship Programs?

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By Noelle Schrock

Interns are essential to any business. They do entry-level work and are learning effective skills to help the company progress. In some of our past blogs, we’ve talked about asking employees to mentor teammates. We discussed how mentoring programs can be beneficial for both the mentor and the mentee. However, these relationships can be taken a step further. One way to do so is by getting interns involved in the creation of mentorship programs.


Interns generally have goals for what they want to get out of their internship. If you’ve begun to implement mentoring, then ask your interns what they would want to get out of a mentorship program. If your interns are having a hard time coming up with their goals for the program, then have a brainstorming session. This strategy helps them process what they’re looking for and shows them that you truly care about their success.


The U.S. Department of Energy has a list of things that make a good mentor for those who are hosting summer interns, although it could work for interns in any program. It’s important to remember that while you are responsible for your interns at work, and should help them out if they’re having a rough time, you’re not their therapist. But it is good to remember that mentorship programs require time and commitment.


When you combine good mentors and asking interns what they want from a mentoring program — you’re sure to have the most successful mentoring program. When mentors invest time in their interns and the interns feel like they are getting what they want from their internship, everyone will generally be happier.

So go out and utilize your interns to improve or start your mentorship program!