How Do YOU Celebrate Women in the Workplace?

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The world has been paying more attention to women lately, but International Women’s Day isn’t your only chance to celebrate their roles in the workplace. In fact, there are easy ways to truly integrate progress into your workplace, and the benefits that come with this are sure to help both your employees and your business.

Don’t Let Women Celebrate Women Alone

When it comes to empowering women while also promoting unity in the workplace, inclusion is important. Ensure that both men and women are involved in discussions and programs focused on increasing women’s representation. That’s the whole point of gender diversity! Getting everyone involved about issues like wage equity is the first step in sparking progress.

Leadership Counts

Studies show that companies perform better when they have women as well as men in leadership roles. Try encouraging women in your workplace to pursue leadership positions and take initiative. Even small-scale methods of introducing and celebrating this idea can be useful. Opening dialogues about leadership between teammates can go further than you might think.

What Can Your Company Bring to the Table?

Every workplace is centered around a specific type of work. How do women fit into yours? Whether your company is part of a STEM field or is focused on communications, there are dozens of initiatives your employees can join to make progress. For example, Hackbright Academy teaches women how to code. It’s something that your employees can work on as a team, plus it benefits the company.

In conclusion, celebrating women in the workplace is a crucial part of ensuring that your business is operating as a team and dedicating itself to progress. Instead of waiting for opportunities to present themselves, create your own. If you have any other suggestions on what really works in terms of empowering women in the workplace, leave them in the comments below!

Above all, strengthen your company by supporting the women who work for it; the results might surprise you. You can also hire female interns by going here!

Written by Shreya Patel