Grant Writing 101

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grant writing

Grant writing is an important, but often overlooked, part of the business growth process. A company with a good grant writer can find ways to make money and support itself. It can also be a way to do good in the community—there are often grants for projects that benefit both the company and help others in some way. But how can interns help you in the grant-writing process?

Interns can help find grants

There are grants for all sorts of companies and people online, and in all sorts of industries, from non-profits to teachers to technology. is an online search engine that allows you to search by subject or topic or area, and they have over a thousand possible grants. Some are so specific that it could take hours to comb through them all—and if you are busy running a business, you don’t have that kind of time. An intern that specializes in grants does, however, and he knows what to search for and how to narrow down the grants that will work for you.

Interns can help research grants

After you’ve found the grants you want to apply for, it’s going to take some time to write them. You may want to hire a professional grant writer, because it is a specific skill; however, an outsider is not going to know your company right away. That’s where an intern steps in. She can research your company. She can study the information the grant asks for, put it together, and supply it to the grant writer. Your chances of getting the grant have now increased.

In general, grant writing interns are excellent researchers and writers, and, like most interns, they want to learn. It’s a great opportunity for both your business and the intern. To find out more about grant writing interns, go here. Or, if you’re ready to get your own grant writer intern and start getting grants, find some here!

Written by Claire Coons