Market Your Virtual Internships to Younger Generations

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By Jaydah Jacobs

Every year on college campuses across the country, career fairs are used to get millennials’ attention. Companies deliver information about their hiring process and other company information people would want to know. This method is one that many companies have invested in. But it’s not as effective as it used to be. The newest way for young people to find out about companies is through their friends!

As the world progresses, companies are reconsidering their previous hiring and branding tactics. Many believed their methods were working until recent studies proved otherwise.

If you want to learn how to market your internships to millennials, keep reading!


Of course, you don’t need to throw out everything that’s old. After all, there are some of us who probably still have one important object from our childhood. However, if you insist on keeping the old things around, at least make them better.

One thing that’s hurting companies is continuing to have unenthusiastic people represent their companies at career fairs. The last thing any millennial wants to do is hear people talk about their company in a monotone, disinterested way. Instead, have one of your best (preferably young) employees go. This way the students can feel comfortable with the idea of working for you. The right representative will help them feel like they can relate to the culture of your company.


Dry, dull, boring, or whatever else puts people to sleep can’t be adjectives used to describe your website. You have to add flare and be creative. You have to also be organized and make sure things are easily accessible, which means no clutter, either.

Also, you need to have everything from company information to intern testimonials so that the millennial feels like they’re getting the full picture of your company. The goal is for the viewer to get all the information they would’ve received from you at a career fair.


No one, and I mean no one, likes to read through pages of fine-print words with a load of requirements. If millennials have to turn the page too many times and squint to read, then you’ve probably lost them to your more progressive competitor.

Treat the application like you would treat your website-or, better yet, a resume you were reviewing. Don’t be boring and long, but instead make the application simple, engaging, and to the point.


Overall, every millennial is different. You need to figure out what type of employee you are looking for and then take the steps to market your internships or jobs to those people. Also, it’s important to remember that whatever people and culture your company presents will have an effect on who you’ll attract. However, the majority will be looking to see if the company culture fits with their own ideals, compensation, work/life balance innovation goals and more! Keep all that in mind and you’ll be up to date with the new world of millennials.

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