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One thing those of us here at like to do is keep up with our interns after they leave us. Not only is it fun to see how successful they become, but it’s always great to get feedback about how their virtual internship helped them learn and gain experience.

Morgan Shulski’s Testimonial

One of the most important aspects of any job is building relationships with your coworkers. Morgan Shulski succeeded in doing so while being an intern for!

Interning, and even working for a company, is best enjoyed if you’re surrounded by good people with whom you get along. Am I right? So learning how to form a good, strong relationship with another person is crucial within the workplace. It’s easily one of the most important aspects of a job. Well, that’s one of the many skills that Morgan took away from this internship and carried over into her next job!

As a Public Relations agent for, Morgan didn’t just improve on the skills she already possessed, such as improving her writing and editing. She learned new ones as well! She exceeded her expectations of what she thought she was going to gain from this internship. Morgan learned everything, from communicating with the press to working well as part of a team.

Virtual Internship

Did we mention it’s a virtual internship? That means it can be done from anywhere, and at any time of the day! This helps a lot when you’re looking for a little flexibility, but don’t wish to compromise on what you are willing to learn. Virtual Internships are becoming more and more popular because many people are realizing all the benefits: no commuting, diverse team, and flexible hours, just to name a few.

Are you interested in this format and looking to have your own internship? Moved by Morgan’s testimonial and want to be part of the team? Visit us at; click here to learn more!

Written by Melanie Pabst