Meet Crystal, Our Virtual Intern of the Month!

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Every month, we choose an intern from our team that most embodies our mission. We want people that are passionate, dedicated, and pursuing our goal: helping millions of people. This month’s Teammate of the Month is Crystal Alvarez, from HRTAS! Crystal is the recently promoted supervisor of her team and has been a fair and hard-working member of our intern army since she joined. Read on to find out what she thinks about–and what it can do for YOU!

First off: How long have you been with And what are you an intern of?

I have been with since early June. I’m about five weeks into my internship and I am an HRTAS, training to be a [Supervising] HRTAS.

What does HRTAS stand for? And what does that position do?

Human Resources Talent Acquisition Specialist. And when I started I was responsible for recruiting candidates for all sorts of positions at SI ( I would review their resumes, reach out, and do first impression interviews to see if the candidates could communicate well over the internet and if they were generally a good fit to pass on to the supervisor. Now I am working on helping other recruiters and coming up with ways to make our processes go smoother. That is what I like about SI, we are always looking for ways to improve our processes.

Tell us a little more about yourself

I was born in Washington, raised in California, and currently reside in Texas with my partner and two cats. I am an SNHU alumni with a BA in Psychology and I graduated magna cum laude. I love animals and collecting records.

What have you liked best about [your internship] so far?

I really love the work ethic and help of my teammates. I was worried that once I signed on and was trained I’d be ‘thrown to the wolves’ and left to sink or swim. I’ve NEVER felt like that! My supervisors Donna and Dipika have been so kind and supportive and it makes me want to work hard for them because I don’t want to ever let them down! I work as hard as I can and I am getting quality job experience for it!

What might you tell someone considering an internship at

Two things. One, do it! The experience is priceless and your teammates will help you figure out what you don’t know. Every day is a new challenge and I am so happy to be a part of something so innovative and helpful to people.

Secondly, take it seriously! This isn’t the ‘playing house’ of internships. You don’t just collect hours staring at a screen until its all over. There are people who are relying on you to do your job, and they are really nice people! Don’t let them down!

To read from more of our Teammates of the Month, check out our page here. Or sign up to join or Army of Interns (and possibly get your name on this list!) by going here! Like Crystal says… you won’t forget it!

Interview by Claire Coons