How to Create an Internship: Step 2!

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STEP 2: Creating the Program.

Sep 2017 / Elizabeth Sanchez

Now that you’ve gathered the reasons why and how having a virtual internship could benefit your business next is creating the master plan of the program. Have you created…


Where would you locate your program? Have you thought of a virtual internship? A virtual internship is a process of where an intern can have access through their own computer to perform tasks for your business during set hours you can provide throughout the work week.

Goals for virtual intern to reach?

Start off with explaining what specific goals you want each individual/group to reach. These goals could be anything that can either positively benefit your business. For example, an online clothing company could have a goal of having 1000 hits from subscribers on their social media platform in a month. How can your team reach this goal? Or You want each virtual intern to be able to take on an obstacle and have no fear in facing those coming challenges.


Now depending on what you need form the virtual interns you can assign certain jobs for them to perform. This can go from writing SEO rich blog posts for your website, engaging with social media visitors or assisting other employees on their everyday work responsibilities. Refer back to Step 1 and remember what specific areas needed the extra help and assign tasks from there.


Something to seriously consider is compensation. What skills are they taking away from participating in your program? Also, if you’ve decided on if you would provide payments to the hours being logged by the interns. If not money then could you provide good references/endorsements or possibly for students college credit?

Now that we have created and figured out exactly what the virtual internship program will be providing for the incoming interns, it is now time to move on to our final step!