How to Create an Internship: Step 3!

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 STEP 3: Hiring on Virtual Interns to the Team!

Sep 2017 / Elizabeth Sanchez

Great job! We’re almost finished, and now we can move onto the final step of the process. Here you will learn how to search for prospective candidates for a virtual intern team and how to hire on those who would most benefit your virtual internship program. Please consider the following;

Post positions.

Using an online site to post your newly available positions is a great and efficient way to get yourself noticed. Here at we have a quick and easy form that can get you in touch with potential candidates.

Candidate Evaluations/Interviews.

Once you start to see resumes flocking in, begin to sift through applicants with specific skills and backgrounds you are looking for as we discovered back in step 1 and step 2. Next, perform background checks and contact the references provided on resumes and applications from those you’ve selected while making sure to keep in contact with the HR representatives to assure that you are bringing on the ideal candidates for your new team.

Hire On/Welcome to Team!

Great! You’ve successfully managed to bring on a group of virtual interns. So, now it is time for you to introduce your new virtual interns to the team! Refer back to the guidelines in step 2 on the structure of your virtual internship; hours/location, tasks, goals and the compensation.

HOORAY! YOU DID IT! Congratulations, you have successfully followed the three easy steps on how to create a virtual internship! Also as a reminder, please be sure to check out and fill out the form on our website if you need further help in searching for prospective candidates. Finally, with the knowledge you now have, you are without a doubt well prepared for the SUPER task ahead of you!