How to Create a Virtual Internship 101

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 Three Easy Steps to Creating a Virtual Internship!

Sep 2017 / Elizabeth Sanchez

So, you’ve started a company, congratulations! You’ve worked out all the kinks and wrinkles on how to get the work flowing and client list growing! Looks like you are in a perfect position to consider creating a virtual internship program! But how exactly does one create a virtual internship? Have no fear! The 3 easy steps on how to create an internship are here!

First and for most, to answer your question, “What is a virtual internship program?”. To keep it short and simple, it is a program within your business where you take on students or a trainee who will work for you (with or without pay) in order to further gain experience/requirements for qualifications in a specific workforce. OK! Now that we know what the program is let us get into step one of how to start a virtual internship!

STEP ONE: Things to consider when creating a virtual internship.

How will having this virtual internship program benefit you? You’ll want to make sure that having a program that will bring on more people will bring positive benefits to your business. Now, think about what your organization needs and consider the following:
Will it…

  • Lighten workload?
    Decide on what department needs the extra help. Figure out what work can be distributed and managed at a more efficient pace.
  • Company organization?
    Ask yourself if and how many interns your company can support not just in numbers but in availability of space in the office areas and if there is enough equipment to support a larger staff.
  • Add potential assets to the company?
    Adding on interns can easily make or break your business, you want to make sure that investing your time into a branch of new individuals can benefit you. Take into consideration of a potential hire on after the program has ended. Depending on their performance this could save you time and money on training new individuals joining the team when you already have interns who have learned the ins and outs of working for your company.

Great! Now that you’ve made it this far and we have our base as to why having a virtual internship program can benefit your business, it’s time to take this information onto STEP TWO and start building the foundation of your new program.