The Evolution of Branding: Sacred Stories Media

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The Evolution of Branding: Sacred Stories Media

October 10, 2017/Sheirah Wilson


When interfaith, interspiritual minister, Rev. Patricia Caggenello set out on her spiritual journey she had no idea of the far reach it would have in helping others in their quest for spiritual knowledge and a deeper soul connection with Spirit. Nor the many platforms that would be used to share her message of healing, peace, and love. But out of her own personal life challenges Sacred Stories Media was born. The emergence of Sacred Stories Publishing, Sacred Stories “The Owl” magazine, Sacred Stories podcast and Sacred U online classes are as Rev. Patricia states “is the reflection of the evolution of my spiritual walk.”


Sacred Stories Media is the place where spiritual seekers and thought-leaders come together to share their stories, enlightening information, healing, and support for others to co-create higher vibrations within our planet. When asked what branding means to her Rev. Patricia shared some great words of wisdom on the subject.



Branding needs specificity. Branding allows you to solidify your voice or the messaging of your product but before you can even consider branding you must first develop the depth and breadth of your experience.



Be an expert! Study that which you desire to develop your brand around. In seeking enlightenment and the answers of life Rev. Patricia attended seminary school and studied for years the faiths of many religions to not only have a deeper understanding of her passion but to better help others who were seeking answers as well.



In the beginnings of her journey of enlightenment Rev. Patricia wanted to help others by providing a platform where other like-minds could connect, so she began hosting her own radio show. She interviewed fifty spiritual teachers who shared their stories and experiences of inspiration and wisdom, which became the catalyst to building and collaborating with her network.



Rev. Patricia says that networking is key and the ability to have something to offer or bring to the table is just as important as receiving. Whether it is connecting with churches, clubs, non-profit organizations or other social media groups. The gift of providing a service is what gives you credibility and with credibility comes more opportunities to share your talent or skill.

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