Building Your Internship Program: Blogging

Super Julie BraunUncategorized2 Comments

Congratulations, you’ve created a virtual intern program! Now you’re probably thinking ’what’s next?’ In this series we’ll show how to develop four types of virtual internship programs, starting with blogging.

Why Blogging?

Blogging can help you reach new customers, increase sales, or even recruit talent. Starting a blog can be daunting, but virtual interns can help! Here’s how to get them started.

Research blogs.

Virtual interns can comb the internet for information about hot topics in your industry. Look up what posts do well, and compile a list of topics. Writing about these topics will get your name out there.

Comment on blogs.

Your virtual interns can help you join conversations in your industry. Have them comment on other industry-related blogs. This will help you build connections, spread your message, or simply help you see your industry from a different perspective.

Analyze blog traffic.

Now that your blogs are attracting attention, have your blogging interns analyze your traffic (or the people visiting your blog/website). This will tell you how, and how many, people are finding your website. More importantly, analyzing traffic can help you figure out what your audience is interested, and help you strategize how to attract an even larger audience.

Study SEO and improve blog viewership.

Understanding SEO makes you easier to find when people search for you. Virtual interns can keep track of content that boosts your SEO score. With this, you can sharpen and improve your content, thus attracting more readers.

Write regular blogs to improve website traffic.

This one seems basic, but it’s always important to keep in mind. Have your blog interns help you post on a regular basis. Providing new content will keep your readers interested and hungry for more!

If you need help getting blogging virtual interns feel free to contact us here.