Building Your Internship Program: Communications

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Communications to both your virtual interns and virtual audience is a critical part of any organization. It shows your interns and clients that you are listening to their daily needs. Now that we know the importance of staying in good communication with your online audience, the big question is, “how do you actually create a great communication flow between you and them?”

Social Media and Virtual Platforms

Having an online presence is key if you want to create dialogue with your clients and there are so many platforms to choose from like..

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • WordPress

These sites provide a “base-camp” for your virtual interns to connect with those wanting to keep up with your content. To learn more about how you can use your interns for social media, click here!

Public Announcements

Now that your team’s online presence has been created, it is time to make sure you are keeping your clients informed. One way is to create public announcements. These posts can range from..

  • Posting updates
  • Taking polls
  • Monthly schedules
  • Surveys

The list can go on and on but both your team and virtual audience will stay informed of any changes!

Track Growth and Development

Keeping track of your growth is a great way to figure out what your virtual audience likes.  According to Torque magazine, using programs like Google Analytics makes it easy to see this information. Have your virtual interns use these tracking programs to be on top of what is getting traction on your sites. You can use the information to continuously put forth frequent improvements to keep up with your audience’s needs.

Great! Now you know how to fully and tactfully communicate with both your interns and audience!