Virtual Internships Are Great for Veterans and Their Spouses!

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by Nathan Perry

Are you a veteran who is ready to transition to a new career? Maybe you are the spouse of a veteran who wants to start a new career. But where do you to start?

You might have considered a virtual internship, which is a good place to start. But you may have your doubts about working in a location or setting, trading in soldier fatigues for a business suit, or even concerned about an injury or disability that makes it difficult for you to travel. If you’ve had these concerns, then we have a solution for you… a virtual internship!


Before leaving service, you should do your research on what career path you want to pursue. Find out what you need to make the transition easier, and take the time to make a plan. Military spouses should do the same; they can even help their husband or wife plan their career transition before their service ends.


If you’re looking to transition into a new career may need up to six months or more to figure things out. You can make the most of that time with an internship. offers a 5-month virtual internship that will help you gain real-world experience and network with others in the field that piques your interest.


Whether you are a veteran or a military spouse, a virtual internship allows you to:

  • Gain real-world, hands-on experience
  • Expand your professional network
  • Build your resume
  • Ease the stress of job hunting in a new area or internationally
  • Have a flexible schedule and work when it’s convenient for you
  • Work from anywhere in the world


If you are a veteran, or military spouse who’s ready for a new career path, virtual internships are a great option. And good news, has an internship for you! We offer positions in human resources, social media, IT, web design, video production, blogging, and more! Click here to learn more, and fill out our 1-minute application.

Thank you to all of our service men and women, and their spouses. We support you!