Virtual Internships Are Worth Swiping Right On Valentines Day

Super Julie BraunBusinesses1 Comment

Not doing the job you love can be heartbreaking. The lack of fulfillment. The opportunities missed. Successful friends posting pictures on Instagram. Why not you?

Yet, you know your value. You, a very capable and available—or at least not entirely committed—prospective employee with a soul full potential and talent. How bad it feels to fine-tune your online Linked In profile to match the specs your prospect is looking for. How bad it feels to prepare your head and your outfit for that first interview—and they’re everything you want to be with, they seem perfect…and then you feel that moment when the chemistry fizzles, and they say they’re not interested. A little inside you dies. Rejection.

You have a yearning to show the world what you’re capable of. You don’t want to settle anymore, you don’t want to wake up with no one expecting to see you at an office. It kills you to be alone—unemployed. You’d do anything just to be able to be late to a job, or have a supervisor tell you he wants more. You want that affirmation that you have value. You still feel hurt by your last employment that didn’t work out. But you’re not burnt, you’re eager to start over. You want to restart, a clean slate. You want to reform and build where you were shortcoming, you want to burn the bridges to your past and re-brand yourself. A renaissance!

Virtual Internships and You

You don’t have to languish.  You don’t have to lower your expectations. You’re worth it, and you are capable. And sometimes you just need to hit the employment gym. Get those experience gains! The best way to bounce back from a rough patch, and even to be competitive for your next long-term commitment is to add to your assets by getting an internship. They said you need more experience? Go get that experience. They said they need more in your portfolio? Stuff that baby with projects you’ll do as a virtual intern. You can do it. You can be more.

A Virtual Internship isn’t guaranteed to be your Love Potion #9, but it’s better to be in the apothecary cooking something up than just pining away! Doing something is better than doing nothing, and in a Virtual Internship, you’ll gain quantifiable experience that you can flaunt.

Nathan Perry, from, states, “Before starting my Virtual Internship, I had never written a blog before, nor any promotion content on social media.  I was also unfamiliar with SEO tactics and keywords for search engines.  Now I am more familiar with blogging and social media promotion and wouldn’t mind parlaying my experience into a Social Media Marketing job.” You can even get management experience as a Virtual Intern. Elizabeth Sanchez, a senior Content Writer, also at SI, says, “Having taken part in this virtual internship has given me the ability to handle a team of people in so allowing me to learn what my weaknesses are in my leadership skills and turn them into my strengths.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re not as vibrant and supple as you used to be. Virtual Internships are not just for the recent grad, they’re for anyone trying to break into a career, even if they’ve already spent twenty years in one they weren’t head-over-heels for. Some employers even have a thing for the mature crowd not believing that virtual work seems hinky: over 50 big-name corporations hire remote workers, and Silicone Valley is forcing many many brick-n-mortar facilities to close and to hire virtual employees.

Virtual Internships are Educational

Sometimes your education isn’t enough. Most specialized jobs say something like “Minimum 2 years experience required,” and most applicants have said “How can I get the experience I need to work there if no one will give me the experience?” School is excellent because it’s there that you learn craft’s theory; but the application of ideas is a much better teacher than the ideas in general. Would you rather trust a heart surgeon who has read 100 cardiology books or a heart surgeon who has performed 100 operations? We can’t really blame businesses for wanting experienced personnel, and the barrier isn’t as formidable as it seems. As a Virtual Intern you can get the experience to overcome it. Intern as many times as you’d like—even for two years. Or forever: till death do you part.

You can’t, you say. You’ve got commitments. You don’t have time to do something else after a long day, especially to more work. But what if you could do it from home? What if you didn’t have to go to an office? You can do it all from home, as a Virtual Intern. Save money by commuting as far as your couch is to your desk. Save time by reporting progress through Skype instead of in-person. Build report with real professionals with real experience, dressed to impress just yourself. Pad your resumé with experience that is quantifiable, and attractive.

Make your career match as important as your Valentine. Stay relevant with the evolving market, and find the one—the real job for you by becoming a Virtual Intern!