8 Mental Illness Friendly Companies Offering Internships

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Mental Illness

In today’s world, mental illness is more common than we assume. The stigma attached to psychological disability makes it difficult for those suffering from them to find work. However, it is illegal for organizations to discriminate based on mental impairment. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 190 (ADA), “no covered entity shall discriminate against a qualified individual on the basis of disability in regard to job application procedures, the hiring, advancement, or discharge of employees, employee compensation, job training, and other terms, conditions, and privileges of employment.” Sadly, job seekers still fear rejection by potential employers when searching for a new career or internships.

However, across every industry, many employers are beginning to recognize the contributions that those with psychological disabilities can provide. A few companies have made tremendous strides in improving the quality of life of employees and their families by addressing mental health through their benefits, programs, and policies. Internships with these companies offer the added advantage of trying new careers or filling in gaps in resumes. Additionally, well-performing interns may find future employment with organizations that support mental health.

Companies Offering Internships

1. Amazon

Amazon offers remote positions for work and internships. Although interns receive no benefits, Amazon’s employee benefits include regular time away from work to recharge and renew. Additionally, their Employee Assistance Program provides confidential 24/7 support, resources, and referrals for every aspect of work and personal life.

2. Aetna

Aetna hires remote employees and offers remote internships to people who can’t commute to work regularly due to mental or physical disability. It is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer for people of color, women, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.

3. Apple

Remote positions with Apple include at-home advisors and team managers, which provide technical support. Apple is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodations to job applicants with physical or mental disabilities. Their AppleCare College Program is specially designed for college undergraduates to train from home.

4. Hilton

Hilton not only offers remote work in fields of customer care and reservations, and on-site internships but also flexible schedules. This makes it possible for the employees to work at that time of the day when they feel their best. They even offer month-long sabbatical to team members.

5. Humana

Humana offers a variety of remote and local positions and prioritizes hiring veterans with disabilities. They offer more than 14 different roles and are always looking for the best.

6. United Healthcare

United Healthcare partners with agencies and government to provide telecommuter jobs and internships. Their programs such as ‘Welfare to Work’ and ‘Lifeworks’, support people with disabilities.

7. Yarcort

Yarcort is a facility which uses horses to help humans realize their highest potential. Their virtual internships support people who need help and guidance to improve their mental state. To learn more about it go to internships.com to search for opportunities with Yarcort.

8. SuperInterns.com

SuperInterns.com, the pioneer of the virtual internships, offers remote internships to people suffering and recovering from any kind of mental illness. Their recent web show hosted by Becca Atkins, Executive Director at Artreach, Inc. talked about combatting stigmas.