Online Internship: Businesses Need Vets With PTSD

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Online Internship portraying intern as both a civilian and a veteran. PTSD is ever present in the workplace.

Hire a Vet with combat-related mental illness

Every employer shares the struggle of finding their next amazing employee. Sifting through applications submitted by an under-skilled workforce is a frustration you probably know. Fortunately, there’s an answer. It’s becoming more common for businesses to turn to online internships to overcome the dangers of choosing the wrong employee. But, an Online Internship allows employers to find the rare trainable employee that’s looking for the chance to prove themselves. Veterans with combat-related mental disabilities are a group that you should consider for your remote work opportunity. These wounded warriors offer plenty of soft and hard skills they can use to develop and boost your bottom line.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Mental illness is an ever-present topic that continues to shape society. Within the United States, PTSD affects many Americans. Roughly 7.7 million adults in the United States have PTSD. Women are two times more likely to develop PSTD than men are.

6 reasons why you should hire a veteran for an online internship:

1. The first reason to hire a veteran is that they’re team players. Each veteran took on specific tasks while working with their team to accomplish a common goal. Their demonstrated ability to work well in a team will build trust and a wider sense of ownership in your organization.

2. Reason number two to a hire vet is because they’re committed to a cause. Veterans also commit themselves to a goal. In the military, they frequently had greater obstacles to overcome, but their tenacity to dig in and push through means veterans will get the job done.

3. The third reason to hire a veteran is that they’re able to adapt to most situations quickly. Veterans are familiar with working in stressful conditions. Because of this, they can adapt to changes in a workflow or project in a way that is met with the initiative to ensure that deadlines are accomplished.

4. The fourth reason veterans make good employees is because of their experience. Veterans come equipped to the job market with a variety of cross-functional skills such as computer training, leadership and their adept ability at trouble-shooting processes. This increases efficiency and profitability by identifying gaps and weaknesses in your company.

5. The fifth reason to hire a veteran is tax breaks. Hiring a veteran grants Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). According to, WOTC gives employers a 40% wage credit if they hire veterans discharged within the first year.

6. The last reason to hire a veteran is their expertise in project management. Veterans have experience overseeing and managing difficult mission operations. Project management encompasses each of the previous skills and demonstrates a vet’s extraordinary ability to organize and deliver.

In a nutshell…

Employers need to understand that inviting veterans to pursue an online internship is good for both parties. When you hire a disabled veteran, you get the chance to see the strengths they can bring to your company. Additionally, the tax breaks you receive will help your company in the long run.

In short, your company can give complex tasks to the veteran which frees up your time for more important activities. To learn more about how to create your online internship program, here’s how.