Why You Should Outsource Your Virtual Helpdesk Needs

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Written By: Michael Howard
Graphics By: Elyse Warnecke

There’s an Easier Way for Reliable IT Support

Your IT needs matter. Your business depends on reliable services to work in an environment where competitive demand dictates your profit margin. A skilled outsourced virtual helpdesk plays a key role in maintaining reliable IT infrastructure. The last thing you should worry about is your network being hacked, malware corrupting your network, or being locked out of your accounts. Your business needs support you can depend on when these problems arise. Outsource your virtual helpdesk needs with virtual interns! SuperInterns.com sources virtual IT technicians who are ready to work for you remotely. This ensures the security of your business’s IT Needs and will save you money.

Don’t Troubleshoot Yourself in the Foot

As Mr. Incredible might say “No matter how many times you save the network, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again.” Network problems happen, it’s part of owning a business. When it happens to you, these problems disrupt the workflow which cripples your company until they’re fixed. Few businesses have the luxury of a dedicated IT department working around the clock. You can be one of the few businesses that do with a virtual helpdesk. Virtual Interns are flexible assets who are ready to resolve your technical problems.

Don’t make the mistake of mending your IT problems without the knowledge to do so. It’s more work for you. Unless you have experience with IT, you can accidentally damage your network by failing to fix the problem correctly. Virtual Interns arrive on the scene ready to remedy the situation. Your virtual helpdesk will assess and troubleshoot problems,  find the solutions, and implement safeguards to keep your business booming.

But Why Should You Outsource Your Virtual Helpdesk?

Not only does a virtual helpdesk provide around the clock support for your business, but it also means that you’re able to reach them from anywhere with internet access. However, this is just one small part of having a virtual helpdesk. Helpdesks function as a form of gap-assessment for your company. Because they offer an online resource, all of your claims and helpdesk tickets are tracked and archived in a database. It allows your company to learn where improvements need to be made to increase productivity based on the consistent areas of concern.

In an office environment, some issues take priority over others and onsite IT staff can’t be everywhere at once. When you use a virtual helpdesk, not only can issues be addressed quicker, but you’re also able to expedite more complex issues to intern technicians with higher skill levels. Your employees don’t have to wait for the IT guy to go from one cubicle to the next resolving IT issues. Multiple interns are available to assist you, sometimes simultaneously assisting other coworkers while addressing your problems.


The average annual salary of someone who possesses a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) Certification is 96K. Imagine hiring a team of qualified unpaid interns to perform similar roles? Look to virtual interns as a viable IT support for your virtual helpdesk needs. Virtual interns perform key tasks to sustain your digital infrastructure and negate the costs of hiring IT staff or third-party IT companies. Think of how much overhead you’re saving for your company to utilize elsewhere. Virtual helpdesk services frequently include:

  • Password management
  • Running and testing servers for site host migration
  • Malware program execution to test security enhancements and implementation
  • Managing accounts such as siteground
  • Maintenance on internal user systems
  • Revising processes
  • Fixing emails
  • Troubleshooting any issues that may arise
  • Website design
  • Data providers for websites
  • Running diagnostics to perform optimization tests and Maintenance
  • Ensuring and maintaining the health of your computer

Here to Save the Day!

At the end of the day, reliable virtual helpdesk support is more than just cost-effective. It also allows your company to focus on growing your business by shortening the time spent on resolving technical issues. To learn more about how virtual interns can help your business click here now.