How Experiential Learning and Horses Help You Achieve Success

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From left to right: Gina, a horse with a large red and yellow soccer ball, and three of her clients arranged in a pose while performing Equine Assisted Learning challenges using Experiential Learning Techniques.
Written and edited by Mazabeen Alam & Michael Howard
Graphics by Elyse Warnecke and Phil Mapstone



Every now and then we have the opportunity to work with a visionary company as we continue our mission of connecting businesses with super interns. Yarcort is one such visionary company that we have been honored to collaborate with. Gina Yarrish, the founder, and CEO of Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) facility, Yarcort, helps to strengthen the company’s connection with clients through experiential learning. Yarcort helps their clients grow through experiential learning opportunities and EAL to develop better leadership skills. But what does this mean for your business? 

Imagine what life could look like without frustrations, stress, and dissatisfaction.  It’s not an impossible feat, but most of the goals we set out to undertake require experience. Therefore, an interactive approach is proven to work because it rewards participants with experiential learning.  EAL helps you in your struggle to work through your hindrances by looking inward and determining the root of the problem.  This unique form of experiential learning provides you with the means to identify your inhibitions and actively work to conquer them.

At Yarcort, Gina teaches her clients a new way of approaching life by providing workshops that dig into the source of the problems and design the future they want. Horses are an excellent vector for teaching people through experiential learning, which develops new ways to overcome the clients’ trials. By using horses, clients can break through the barriers that prevent them from progressing forward. Interacting with the horses teaches clients to be self-aware and reveals patterns of behavior. Experiential learning introduces clients to a new way of thinking. To do this, clients build confidence in themselves as they work with Yarcort’s horses. 


CEO and founder Gina Yarrish saying "Think of the life you want" in front of a grey background. These words are meant to inspire to clients to pursue Experiential Learning.

Gina Yarrish started a successful real-estate business in her early adult life. However, her success didn’t make her any less prone to being overworked. Despite everything going well, she fell victim to the struggles of control, worry, and constant over-thinking. When she was 35, she was rushed to the hospital after experiencing severe chest pain. Gina was working herself to death which led to her undergoing heart surgery. Time was running out. The universe was telling Gina that she needed to make a change in her life while she still could.

The most difficult decision you make in life is the part where you choose to follow your heart. Gina made that choice. No matter the pressure she felt to fall back into old habits, Gina started a new path that led her to a horse named Zeus. Zeus and Gina built an everlasting bond as soul partners. Their relationship together taught her that horses reflect what people are thinking and feeling. This discovery led her to become certified in EAL and create Yarcort, a place where clients could learn to overcome the same struggles she experienced through experiential learning. Today, Yarcort flourishes.


We manifest our perception by holding ourselves accountable. When we do this, we can make amazing things happen. At Yarcort, this is what Gina aims to accomplish with her clients as an Accelerator Coach. When you work with her as a client, you learn exercises which focus on experiential learning. Experiential learning teaches you to grow your confidence by pushing yourself beyond your boundaries. By attending Gina’s EAL sessions or online coaching, you connect yourself to a structured routine and create better habits to live by. 

Gina believes that “overcoming odds is first looking at yourself, taking accountability and changing you first.” With that philosophy in mind, she’s calling on you to perceive your faults, take accountability for your actions, and overcome the obstacles in your life. As her client, she encourages you to understand the ripple effect that seeps into everything you do and how her experiential learning techniques influence this effect. As you develop better practices through experiential learning, you will evolve and gain tenacity. 

However, most of us overlook something important about this statement. The things we consider to be mundane and meaningless paint a picture of how we live our lives. Refining daily routines such as chore patterns and running errands helps you achieve a more productive lifestyle. We accomplish this by applying experiential learning in our everyday life. Getting into the habit of considering how our time-consuming habits affect productivity sounds challenging. However, with an extra set of eyes, it’s easier to see where we waste time. This is the part where Yarcort’s experiential learning trials come in.

Kathryn McAllen seated on a horse in a corral on a sunny day. There are trees in the background. She's saying "Her course is second to none, and I feel confident that through her coaching I now have a great foundation and the confidence to run my EAL business. " Yarcort uses experiential learning to teach its clients how accomplish successes similar to Kathryn's.


Yarcort is made up of eight equine partners/co-facilitators. Gina has trained her horses using Natural Horsemanship principles of horse and human behavior to promote an experiential learning environment. When you feel overpowered by your stressors, you need a place that offers an atmosphere that promotes relaxation. Her facility gives you access to two heated classrooms, an outside arena, and a playground. It spans over 150 acres to create a place where you will feel welcomed by its roaming pastoral fields from the moment you arrive until the time you complete your EAL training and experiential learning courses.

Yarcort’s experiential learning teaches you solutions to build confidence and deal with stress. At the facility, Gina encourages you to build a relationship with the horse through experiential learning. This requires self-control and flexibility. Walking with the horses and learning their behavior forces you to master patience. Through cooperation, you and your equine partner will accomplish challenges during EAL courses. The way you approach these tasks will reveal patterns based on the horse’s reaction toward you. Horses are sensitive creatures and will react to your emotional well-being. Therefore, this reaction will indicate your current emotional state. Discovering your frame of mind will help the Learning Coach determine which experiential learning trials are right for you.



Yarcort’s experiential learning program guarantees accelerated results.  Not only will they work with you to create goals, but they’ll also assist you in reaching your goals quicker. Her 8-week online program connects ambitious entrepreneurs, like yourself, for a one-on-one session. During the course, you will analyze and discuss how to build a strong business foundation.  Through this intensive experiential learning program, you will discover how to create a successful business model, minimize clutter, master mindset, and close clients quickly. Imagine your client closing the deal with you before you even ask for the sale.

Gina and Yarcort tackle the issues that people believe are impossible. However, procrastination, fear, and the burdens of everyday life keeps us from committing to our intentions. We worry, stress, and we tend to overthink. These distractions do nothing for us, they derail us by leading us into a downward spiral. Gina believes that too much of these self-destructive habits lead to a crash in our lives. But with Yarcort’s experiential learning courses, you can prevent this crash before it happens. 

Your dreams that inspire you to charge forward with your life are worth pursuing. Whether it’s starting a small business or being better at your career, your desire to pursue these goals happen for a reason. Do not lose sight of your passions. By striving to create a team of exceptional members, experiential learning helps you accomplish your dreams.   


Lynette Abbott-Bonevitch expresses how much experiential learning has benefited her by saying "Best thing I've ever done!"

Take control of your life. Adjust the thinking patterns that drive your habits. Learn to tap into your strengths and improve the areas where you are weak. Let Yarcort teach you experiential learning techniques. These former clients agree that Yarcort’s environment allowed them to do just that. This is the power visionary companies like Yarcort instill in you.  


Like Kathryn and Lynette, you can discover the breadth of your potential through Yarcort’s experiential learning courses.  And if you’re worried about not being in the area, Gina’s team is worldwide. No matter where you are, you’re not too far from connecting with someone from Yarcort. 

By strengthening and refining skills and reorganizing your habits, you begin to unlock and live up to your full potential. Gina’s years of experience as an Accelerator Coach enables her to teach valuable insights needed to take back your life. Committing yourself to her experiential learning regimen means deciding to progress and build towards happiness. Experiential learning unlocks everything you’ll need to get the results you want. 


Not only does Yarcort’s experiential learning curriculum offer online training for their clients, but they also offer virtual internships for multiple in-demand fields. Their extensive network includes virtual interns in various career paths such as Human Resources, IT Security, and Public Relations. The Marketing Specialist team builds relationships by reaching out to clients and coordinating meetings with them. Additionally, they assist in planning and strategizing opportunities that enable Yarcort to host successful events.

The experiential learning received in a virtual internship will open doors you need to take control of your life without having to relocate. They act as bridges to pursue a new career, build experience in your chosen profession, and network with other talented career seekers. Obtaining a virtual internship allows you to explore your potential by offering a wide array of positions. These roles not only present experiential learning but build a work portfolio that will showcase your abilities in your field.

But remember, everyone deserves the chance to create their success. The tools to do so are readily available through Yarcort’s EAL and experiential learning. Whether it means seeking coaching from Yarcort or virtual internships to grow your career, you can obtain the life you want.  To find out more about what Gina offers, visit the Facebook page here.  Believe in the impossible and take the first step towards change.