Crucial Job Search Tips: How to Escape the Vortex

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Man needing job search tips is stuck inside a vortex screaming, "Please help!"
Written By David Miller
Graphics By Gabby Krause

Job Search Tips to Stop the Misery

Since you are reading this, you already know that following great job search tips can make the difference between gaining employment or not. Unlike scouring the pantry for snacks or the beach for buried treasure, hunting for a job is not always enjoyable or rewarding. Root canals and kidney stones might rank a little lower on the fun scale, but barely. Whether you’ve just graduated, are seeking a career change, or trying to get back into the workforce after a break, finding the right job search tips to help overcome your situation can be crucial. For example, relying on random searches on the internet will provide extensive results and only get you caught in the job search vortex. Finding that needle in the haystack is hard. Here are a few crucial job search tips guaranteed to help.

Make the Job Search Narrow

Let’s be honest for a second. All the job search tips in the world aren’t going to raise your net worth to a comfortable level by themselves. Are you desperate for money in the bank to pay bills or to finance your tummy-filling habit? These job search tips aren’t for that purpose. Go flip burgers, mop floors, or do whatever you can to make money. As for the end-game, to get the job you truly want, the search must be narrow and focused.

  • Know what your abilities are
  • Focus on the type of job you want
  • Know how much your skills are worth

Pinpointing the right position to fill your needs is not like a game of pin the tail on the donkey. It matters what you can do, what type of job you want,  and what type of compensation you need. Narrowing the search via job search tips like these will help put your backside in the seat you want to fill. Don’t settle for less.

Stick to a Schedule

If you’re enjoying the time out of work enough that you don’t want to get out of bed, you’re headed for trouble. There aren’t many lists of job search tips that include wearing your pajamas all day. You have to be proactive, and a schedule helps to achieve that.

  • Set your alarm clock and get up
  • Use a calendar to create a daily agenda
  • Set specific times to search for jobs

Find the schedule that works for you and stick to it if you want your search to be productive. Can you find a job by waking up at noon with a hangover? Maybe, but it will not get you the job you want. Behave like a professional, and you’re more likely to find success.

BA woman in a wheel chair looks at a filled in calendar to determine her schedule and thinks, "6:30 Dinner with myself - I can't cancel that again."eef Up Your LinkedIn Profile

The farther we go into the era of internet technology, the more often job search tips include social media. That means LinkedIn. You won’t find a professional company looking at Facebook profiles and Instagram posts all day to find the right prospect, but they do use LinkedIn and so should you. That doesn’t just mean creating a profile but also knowing how to do it right.

  • Take a professional picture
  • Create a great headline
  • Put your personality into your summary

LinkedIn is different than other social media sites. If you want to click ‘like’ on dirty jokes and argue with your friends, do it somewhere else. LinkedIn is where you behave the way you would at work. Do that, and optimize your profile correctly, and one of the millions of employers using the site might just hire you for your perfect job.

Get Serious

Talking about job search tips, here’s one: don’t expect a professional position to fall from the sky. Getting a job is serious business when you want to find the right one. Working just to make money isn’t what you want to do. Get excited about the search. Get motivated and stay that way. Utilize the right job search tips for your specific situation.

  • Research your field in your geographical area
  • Research remote job possibilities
  • Consider all serious options

You’re worth what you believe you’re worth. Don’t demand $200,000 a year to hold a sign outside of an oil change place, but don’t settle because you’re desperate either. Job search tips like these can help you start the process, but you have to be willing to do the work. Luckily, you’re worth it.

Bringing it All Together

In an ideal world, finding work would be easy. Then you wouldn’t need special websites, want ads, or job search tips to find the right fit. But the world isn’t ideal. That means your favorite drink doesn’t pour itself from a faucet whenever you need it, and it means finding a job is difficult. There are no magic words or special shortcuts. Putting the right job search tips to good use will get you where you want to be sooner rather than later. For another look at how to create career opportunities, check out this article by Jaydah Jacobs on