5 Reasons Why Attracting Recruiters is Important

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Man standing in the middle of a circle of recruiters in business suits and wearing bright yellow costume and a funny hat singing into a microphone, "All I need is half a chance. a second thought, a second glance, I will prove I've got whatever it takes."
Written by David Miller
Graphics by Gabby Krause

Recruiters: Who Needs Them?

Everyone seeking a good job needs to know why attracting recruiters is important. Recruiters are to online applications what a 1969 Ford Mustang is to a 1979 Escort. Both are vehicles, and both can get you from place to place, but only one is truly the car you want. That is why attracting recruiters is important. Do you really want just any job, or do you want the ’69 Mustang of jobs? I think we know the answer to that one.

So, who needs recruiters? A cheerleader might put it this way: You do, you do, rah, rah, rah! You want to climb the ladder of success and avoid needing to work three jobs to pay the bills. Right now all you really want is a mint condition, all original 1969 Ford Mustang. Nothing could be more serious than seeking and landing the job. Here are more reasons why attracting recruiters is important.

1 – Stand Out from the Crowd

How difficult is it to stand out in a crowd? If everyone else is sitting down, or you’re the only one not wearing pants, it might be easy. In the job market, it’s difficult. That’s why attracting recruiters is important. Of the hundreds or thousands that apply for open job opportunities, Forbes says only 20 percent land an interview. How do you put yourself into that small percentage?

Nothing you do to your resume or application will up your chances. Having a recruiter personally tell the hiring manager that you’re a great candidate for the position, however, will. Who could possibly achieve that? A person who knows why attracting recruiters is important can. They are in the twenty percent and they land the interview.

2 – Learn Inside Information

Online job listings suggest a lot of attention is paid to filling job openings. But we all know that behind the scenes the trashcans are overflowing with wadded up applications nobody took the time to look at. Information could be what puts you in the interview room instead of on top of the trash pile. That’s more proof of why attracting recruiters is important.

Inside information from recruiters is about more than the work environment, the dress code, or the policy on casual Fridays. That all matters more once you get the job. Recruiters can help you learn the hiring manager’s expectations and give you an advantage before you walk in the door.

Man with prosthetic leg saying, "If you don't have a leg to stand on, get a new one so you can."

3 – Get a Leg Up on Interviews

Having a great interview can land you that ’69 Mustang job and it’s easier to interview well if you know about the company’s tendencies. That is a vital reason why attracting recruiters is important. They can help you know more about the general interview process, assist you with your interview skills, and prepare you for specifics about the company in question.

Being prepared is a must in any job interview. There’s no better way to explain why attracting recruiters is important to getting hired. People filling out applications and crossing their fingers will have to wing it through the interview. If a recruiter has given you insider tips on the process and on the company, you gain a distinct advantage.

4 – Access to Secret Jobs

Another reason why attracting recruiters is important is that they can show you secret jobs. Okay, so there might be some secret jobs you don’t want. Fair enough. But what if your perfect job isn’t listed anywhere? Companies do not put all job openings in the paper or online. According to Forbes, 80 percent of job openings are not listed. It kind of makes you wonder how they fill them.

Spoiler alert! You’re about to find out why attracting recruiters is important to being considered for secret jobs. These companies fill those positions through recruiters. What better way to cut through the hassle of hundreds of applications than to just skip it completely and ask a recruiter about a good fit for the job? Companies do it all the time and you can be one of the candidates they suggest.

Woman in red business suit standing in a crowd of people in bland business suits saying, "My horoscope was right, I am the right one for the job."

5 – Be the Right Person for the Job

Recruiters don’t just help job seekers. They help businesses too. Human resources managers know why attracting recruiters is important to their continued success. Using a recruiter gives them a better chance of finding the perfect candidate for their job opening. You can be that candidate.

If you want to be the person for the job, that’s why attracting recruiters is important for your job search. Filling out one application after another is unlikely to get you the job you want, and it almost certainly will not get a company the employee they need. The need to bridge that gap is why attracting recruiters is important. Because you want to be the solution to the hiring manager’s problem.

Knowing is half the battle sometimes but not for job seekers. Only 20 percent of applicants land interviews and 80 percent of jobs aren’t advertised. That means knowing why attracting recruiters is important adds up to way more than half of the job-seeking battle.

Do you want a 1979 Escort job or a 1969 Mustang job? Ultimately that’s why attracting recruiters is important to you and your life. You know what you’re looking for in a job and getting together with a recruiter can help you find it. Check out this article by Jennifer Mayberry for more about landing the right job.