LinkedIn Attracts Recruiters: Here’s 5 Reasons Why

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A recruiter is on her laptop is searching the internet to find job candidates via LinkedIn. LinkedIn attracts recruiters by aiding them in their candidate search.

Written By Gabby LoBianco

Gaining an Advantage

Recruiters can be found hiding in the spotlight. Just imagine yourself playing a sport and not knowing if an agent is watching. It’s important to make yourself marketable at any time. LinkedIn provides job seekers the upper hand they need to attract recruiters. Job seekers use this platform to lay out their portfolio in an organized web of opportunity.

1. From the Horse’s Mouth to Your Ears

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve been exposed to filling out job applications online. When it comes time to upload your resume or attach your own portfolio, you’ll notice that LinkedIn is top on the list and there is a reason for that. Its network has over 500 million users which explains why LinkedIn attracts recruiters into finding a great candidate. The exposure that both job seekers and job applicants will find is unlike any other.

Recruiters advantages:

  • 75% of recruiters said they were more successful with a LinkedIn Recruiter
  • 500 Million+ have access to LinkedIn’s massive member network
  • 150 InMails per month allows recruiters to reach out to top talent

LinkedIn is the modern way of networking. That is why LinkedIn attracts recruiters better than any other platform. If you make one referral, chances are that will lead to another referral and so on. In this fast pace job market, LinkedIn keeps you competitive with your competition. With over 6.5 million active listings of jobs on LinkedIn, recruiters seek out the best candidates by using the tools provided to an active user. Below are some reasons why LinkedIn attracts recruiters.

  • 94% of recruiters scout through LinkedIn
  • The average recruiter has around 763 connections

2. Complete your Profile

The concept of searching on LinkedIn is similar to Google’s search engine. LinkedIn attracts recruiters because it allows job seekers to market themselves toward a specific group. But how does this help you? Using keywords that are linked with your target occupation is one way that LinkedIn attracts recruiters. Adding more keywords to your profile makes it stand out more when recruiters search for talent. Profiles that are completed from start to finish will receive more hits when employers are scouting.

Creating an appealing profile photo is also a big plus. This another way that LinkedIn attracts recruiters. Recruiters are more likely to click on a photo of an individual who looks qualified. Never underestimate the effect of simply uploading a photo. It will make your profile look professional and it requires very little effort.

Making connections is another way to complete your profile and it’s free of hassle. For the most part, once you add one connection, another connection is suggested to you. LinkedIn attracts recruiters and networks on a constant basis. The chain of linking will be never-ending and that means more exposure to your personal brand.

A recruiter is at work and is searching on LinkedIn for candidates on his computer. LinkedIn attracts recruiters to find that diamond in the rough.

3. Make it your Task

If you’re serious about getting your feet wet in the job market then show it. Nothing screams “hire me now!” more than by showing your initiative. How many times have you started something without ever finishing it?  Remember to update your LinkedIn profile. Users who take action to make their profiles pop are the type of fresh talent recruiters actively search for. This is just another why LinkedIn attracts recruiters.

Daily Reminder Tips:

  • Contacts: By keeping in contact with your connections, you have a higher chance of being recognized or referred to recruiters.
  • Sharing Articles: Displaying relevant information about a job attracts recruiters. Doing this shows interests in your desired field of work. It’s a way for the content you promote to attract recruiters to your profile and make them consider you for open positions.

Monthly Reminder Tips:

  • Bring your profile up-to-date: Recruiters look for active job seekers. If you have a new job responsibility at your current job or professional accomplishment make sure to add it to your profile.
  • Participate: Commenting on relevant posts shows eagerness to recruiters. There’s also a strong possibility to make a valuable new connection.

Life moves pretty fast. It’s easy to forget what tools you have at your disposal to make your job search easier. Even if you have a hard time finding the energy to log onto a PC, your phone is always at your fingertips. One reason why LinkedIn attracts recruiters is that they also have access to their phones. If you have time to kill, there’s nothing stopping you from pulling out your phone and making great connections. Download the LinkedIn app and start connecting today!

4. Summary

Recruiters want to see an updated profile that is accurate and expressive. Since your profile will be the first thing that attracts recruiters, show that you know how to make a first impression. Demonstrate why LinkedIn attracts recruiters by making your profile’s summary interesting. Do not start with a generic opening statement about yourself. Tell your story with the flair and truthfulness that makes recruiters want to meet you.

Your summary should be:

  • appealing
  • written in the First Person
  • aimed towards specific people
  • clear about what your goals are

No one likes talking about themselves. However, LinkedIn allows you to aim your topic towards a specific job market. Targeting your audience is how LinkedIn attracts recruiters to your profile page!

5. Extra Extra! LinkedIn attracts recruiters

Updating statuses on social media can feel like a chore. Even if it is your own personal Facebook or Twitter, creating content constantly reminds you to keep your followers engaged. LinkedIn attracts recruiters to you when you post regularly updated content to your page. A Recruiter will not click on your profile if they think it looks inactive. Recruiters use LinkedIn to find job seekers who actively search for employment.

Showing activity on your profile doesn’t mean you should update your job history when you have nothing to update. But, something as simple as liking or sharing an article appears on your profile feed. This makes you look busy on LinkedIn and draws recruiters to your profile. Understanding how LinkedIn attracts recruiters gives you an edge against other job seekers. All in all, recruiters are looking for a unique person who brings value to their company.

Oh, the places you will go

Start your career on the path to success and see why LinkedIn attracts Recruiters. Get ready to reap the benefits from the most used employment site. Now you understand the game better, you can start playing it to win. Recruiters are always looking for candidates who fit their needs. You have the tools and the platform! LinkedIn allows you to build a better picture of yourself to attract the right Recruiter.

When you’re starting out, you still need a launchpad. Internships are a great start for your career.