Remote Jobs: Transforming the Job Market, Now!

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Comparison of remote jobs vs going into office. One man is in lounge attire while the other is dressed in a suit.
Written by: Vidhya Padmanabhan
Graphics by: Gabby Kraus

Rapid growth of remote jobs

One of the fastest game changers in the job market is the rapid growth of remote jobs. According to Innovation enterprise channels, in 2016 the majority generation at work was the millennials. They’re expected to become three-quarters of the workforce by 2030. This is a generation that grew up with the internet and technology as a part of their routine lives. Hence, they have a completely different view regarding their careers and work-life balance. Constant high-speed internet connectivity gives them the ease and confidence to get work done from anywhere. This means the nine-to-five grind is no longer going to be the only full-time work option.

Benefits of working from a home office


Time: Haven’t you heard the phrase ‘time is money’? Long commutes to work are not something people want to do anymore. Especially when high-speed internet connects most people at home and on their smartphones. This has helped the rise of remote jobs in a big way. Employers equally benefit by saving on building costs.

Productivity: A remote job, in addition, allows employees to make use of their most productive times. You could be an early riser who works best just before sunrise in silence. A power nap after lunch may recharge you to be your best in the evenings. Or you could be your best working late nights. Whatever the case may be, remote jobs allow you to tap into your peak performance times.

Priorities: The world is becoming smaller due to communication and transportation. This has led to a change in priorities. More people want to travel and have different experiences. Not many want to spend most of their time inside a cubicle staring at a computer monitor.

Companies now use different kinds of virtual tools to help employees be in touch with each other from across the globe. Moreover, a remote job gives employers the benefit of hiring talent outside their physical boundaries.


Skills you need to be successful at remote jobs

  • Communication

Remote jobs depend mostly on communication. This can’t be said enough. Again, the single most important skill to succeed in remote jobs is to over communicate. Remember, in a remote job setting there’s limited body language to help you understand your colleagues. So, it is absolutely necessary to stay in touch with your team over email, messages or video conferences. Asking questions and communicating ideas is necessary in remote job settings.

  •  Self-starter

This applies to every job but more so in a remote setting and for good reasons. There is no concrete building that allows you to get into work mode. Moreover, remote jobs can be a challenge with many distractions especially if you don’t have a separate home office. Therefore, it’s important to keep up your motivation. Making sure that you do the job on time sets you up for success when you work from the comfort of your home or elsewhere.

  • Organizational skills

If you want to travel the world and still have a purposeful job, then you better know exactly how you are going to balance both! Time management, following your schedule and staying focused is key. Keep your work and personal life separate to increase productivity. Success in remote jobs depends a lot on organizational skills.

  • Problem solver

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills will help you during tough situations while being physically apart from your team. Teammates may be located across states and time-zones in remote jobs. Therefore it’s challenging when you have to work on solutions as a team.

  • Visibility

It is very easy to feel lonely in a remote job setting. Hence, checking in with teammates on a regular basis becomes important. Having casual conversations not related to work will also build relationships. It will help you feel connected to your colleagues. Whenever possible choose video conferences or at least make voice calls to make yourself more relatable.

Remote jobs vs t.v remote. Which is better?

What is your choice of remote?

Tools that help remote jobs

There are several tools to make remote jobs easy and effective. Let’s start with technology. A wide range of project management, performance analysis, and document management tools are available. Skype, Zoom, Slack, Float, and Trello, make remote job experiences easier. Employers are also creating solutions like co-working spaces to support their remote employees. These are shared office spaces where people work independently or as a team for a distant employer. WeWork, Regus, The Riveter, etc. are some businesses that offer co-working spaces across the country.

Future of remote jobs

According to CNBC, 70% of people in the world work remotely at least once a week. A decade ago remote jobs mostly meant customer service or telemarketing roles. The pay for which was mostly below average. Today, they include a wide range of careers both tech and non-tech. Moreover, not only freelancers but even regular full-time employees are moving toward the remote working model. The growth of technology plays a huge role in the rise of this trend.

Parting note if going remote

A fair amount of the workforce still likes to dress and come into work every weekday. They enjoy the structure and feel of working in a building. A traditional work setting is excellent too! Let’s not to forget; it is a great way to have professional relationships. Walking into an office remains the easiest way to make connections and receive feedback.

Nevertheless, remote jobs can be the right choice for certain groups of people. For instance Military spouses, who have to deal with frequent moves or stay at home parents. A special needs child, or caring for an elderly loved one might make working at an office a challenge for you. You don’t have to bury your creativity, talents and valuable skills. Taking up a remote job will help you to contribute to society productively. It will also help to increase your sense of identity and self-worth.

If remote jobs are something you feel is worth checking out, then this list of remote job sites is a great place to start! You can also refer to this article by David Gilbert about how remote jobs can be a great choice if you are a Military spouse. Whatever your situation is, remote jobs now cover a broad range of career options. They open up wonderful opportunities in today’s changing times. Don’t let distance stop you from making an impact. Change your life with a remote job now!