Your Personal Brand as a Military Spouse

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Written by Gabriella Lobianco
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What is a Personal Brand?

Your personal brand is how you tell others about yourself. It can be through clothes, skills, or anything that makes you, you. When you create your personal brand, you separate yourself from the next person. By being a military spouse, you’re even more unique than the majority of job seekers, simply because you offer different skills and values.

Skills and Value

Determining your skill and value will help you identify your personal brand. To put that into perspective, you should think about who you are as a person and what you’re good at. If you’re having trouble recalling what your talent is, think about where you are in your life and where you have been. How did you deal with stressful situations? What are you best at? What have you been praised for? Recall any situation or major event in your life to help you find your skills and values.

Here are some examples of skills:

  • Adaptability
  • Strong work ethic
  • Team Player
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management

When you know your skill set, you know your value. For example, as a military spouse, adaptability is a routine in your life. You know you have value in that area and can build your personal brand around your adaptability as a starting point. By knowing your value, you’re showcasing to others what you stand for and what you can provide for them.

Your personal brand as a military spouse is what sets you apart from other applicants. Don’t view yourself as someone less than other candidates. There are many military spouses who worry about recruiters not considering them. You may fear that if you include your military status in your resume, you’ll be discriminated against. Just remember, your military status is an important aspect of your personal brand. It’s who you are, and you shouldn’t feel like you have to hide that part of yourself.

Your Personal Brand Personalized

Man is creating his personal brand on linkedin while his kids play in the background

Now that you have a starting point, let’s start showing your personal brand to others. You can start by setting up a LinkedIn account to help voice your personal brand. On LinkedIn, you can talk about your passions or interests and let others know what your goals are. You can also pinpoint your posts to a target audience. By doing so, people will share your personal brand, thereby expanding it. For example, if you’re seeking an employer who prefers to hire military spouses, the content on your personal brand page should reflect that. Create posts related to the military, adaptability, teamwork, or anything that you want companies to know about you.

As you continue to develop your personal brand on LinkedIn,  support those who are supporting you. Share achievements that your followers accomplish so that they can share your posts as well. It’s the modern way of networking.

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Get Started

As a military spouse creating your personal brand, you’re in a unique situation. A military spouse’s life allows you to explore your interests with freedom because you’re not being molded into a normal work environment. So often in jobs, we get lost in the hustle and bustle that we forget who we are. You have the right mindset to focus on your skills and values without any outside source to blind you from them. So start thinking about yourself and how you would like others to perceive you through your personal brand.